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Determine Your Start-up Cost Structure

Running your own software company is going to have a number of start-up requirements. says there are six cost categories for new companies: 1. Cost of sales 2. Professional fees 3. Technology costs 4. Administrative costs 5. Sales and marketing costs 6. Wages and benefits Give thought to how these costs categories will be… Continue reading Determine Your Start-up Cost Structure

IT Start Up

What do you think you would need to start profitable business?

I am interested to know your thoughts on this and I suggest the following options: 1. small capital, special knowledge, specialists' support 2. good business idea 3. big money and professional ties 4. it's quite hard nowadays Please feel free to leave your comments here.   Natalliya Beliayeva Business Development Manager E-mail:


Did you know… about Silverlight?

Recently there has been an interesting discussion about Silverlight penetration and market share. As always, people tend to connect Flash and Silverlight and use the market share as a single most important metrics – but here, I’m sharing some really cool, interesting and surprising (?) facts about Silverlight market share. So, here are some cool… Continue reading Did you know… about Silverlight?


Cloud computing – a major transformation of the IT industry?

I’ve recently asked a question on LI about top 5 IT Industry Trends. Cloud computing was mentioned practically in each response. So this points to the fact that cloud computing is all the rage. But why is cloud computing a major transformation of the IT/software industry and not just another overhyped trend? Firstly, cloud computing… Continue reading Cloud computing – a major transformation of the IT industry?