Did you know… about Silverlight?

Recently there has been an interesting discussion about Silverlight penetration and market share. As always, people tend to connect Flash and Silverlight and use the market share as a single most important metrics – but here, I’m sharing some really cool, interesting and surprising (?) facts about Silverlight market share.

So, here are some cool facts about Silverlight penetration and market share for your enjoyment…

– Did you know if you were to combine all of Apple’s product line sold to date, they still wouldn’t reach the number of Silverlight installs we have today?

– Did you know it took Firefox 7 years to reach the total number of installs Silverlight has, and Silverlight did it in 9 months?

– Did you know it took Flash 6 years to reach the total number of installs Silverlight has, and Silverlight did it in 9 months?

– It will take bloggers 1.4 years to generate the same amount of new blog posts to match Silverlight installs today.

– If you combined MySpace + Facebook + Twitter subscribers you’d still be short on the total number of Silverlight installs that are in place today.

Silverlight penetration rate – updates.

I am adding some more information regarding Silverlight penetration rate and market share.

1. There have been 300 million installs in about 4 months.

2. Worldwide, over 1 in 4 computers (over 25%) has Silverlight installed.

3. Silverlight is not being distributed as an automatic update through Microsoft’s Update mechanisms – it is an optional update and it will never install unless you want it to be installed.

So It would be nice if you are ready to express your own opinions and give some comments on the following questions:

1. What do you think about the future of Silverlight technology? Is it possible for Silverlight to replace Flash?

2. Have you ever worked with Silverlight? What advantages and disadvantages do you see in using this technology?

Welcome with your thoughts!


Natalia Kononchuk

Business Development Manager


2 thoughts on “Did you know… about Silverlight?”

  1. hehehe these are my factoids 🙂

    Amazing to see stuff i came up with reflected online! ..

    The numbers need updating as they were based off a 400million install which is now 700million. Also Facebook has climbed in numbers so the myspace/twitter/facebook maybe a bit murky.

    Another fact is that there is 8million installs per day of Flash, which is around 2.9billion installs of Flash per year. There is approx 1.6billion people online right now so assuming that everysingle on the planet installed Flash twice ..98% still comes up short.

    the math is way off on Adobe’s side of the isle but its well marketed 😉

  2. Did You Know – Micrsoft shoved it down your throat via windows updates so its forced install and thus all your points are invalid because you make it sound like it’s more popular than firefox and you know that is rubbish.

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