6 Resolutions to Ensure SharePoint Success in 2011

I want to sketch out the SharePoint New Year’s resolutions I think every organization should adopt. By addressing these six resolutions, you’ll be on your way to better understanding the context for SharePoint at your organization and setting the stage for SharePoint success in 2011.

1. Take the time to understand your true needs around core SharePoint capabilities, especially document management and collaboration;
2. Evaluate your current application landscape before thinking about making SharePoint 2010 your core ECM system;
3. Avoid thinking of coexistence between SharePoint and other applications as either/or;
4. Get everyone involved in charting your organization’s approach to SharePoint and its role in the larger content management ecosystem;
5. Use a pilot to refine your approach to SharePoint;
6. Create a Center of Excellence to act as an ongoing governance body as SharePoint and your other content management applications continue to evolve.

So that’s what organizations should be doing to improve their chances of success with SharePoint in 2011. Your opinions are welcome!


Kristina Kozlova

Marketing Manager


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