Is iPhone 4S worth your upgrade credit?

The phone main features are an improved camera, faster processor and other improvements. The easiest way to order your iPhone 4S is online. You can upgrade through Apple, AT&T, and Verizon. You can also order straight from your iPhone using the Apple Store app.

But Should You Upgrade to the iPhone 4S? LI members have different opinions on this point.

«Not to me. In my opinion, iPhone 4 is a huge step back in terms of design compared to iPhone 3. iPhone 3 has a nicely rounded shape, and the plastic its case is made of is pleasantly warm to the touch. iPhone 4 with its aluminum band and flat bottom basically feels like a cold brick.
This said, I will be the first to admit that this is strictly a matter of taste.»
Nick Chuvakhin

«This depends entirely on your personal opinion. People like me who has been following the iPhone 4S iPhone 5 news since beginning of this year have been waiting just till recently. All the tensions and rumors have created public hype. Most people don’t read in on the articles, they only focus on the title of the article. For example, you’d see tech blogs like Engadget or Gizmodo publish “iPhone 4/s has similar design”; this upsets most of the public. But in reality, Apple made multiple hardware changes and implemented new features that are worth to upgrade for. Anyways, I’m a little off topic, but the point is… if you value the new hardware and “Siri” (an amazing voice recognition program) then this upgrade is definitely worth it.
Also, I’ve never spend a time after purchasing my very first iPhone, I upgrade my iPhone every time Apple release a new one. To do so, I sell my old iPhone 2 weeks prior to the release date; I literally sold it for more than enough money for me to get the new iPhone.
Anyway, I’d say yes:) »
Han Lien

«It depends on what you have now. If you have the 4 now, I’d say hold off unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket and if that’s the case, please send me some.
If you have the 3 or the 3GS and you enjoy using the iPhone, then I’d suggest upgrading to the 4S. For what it’s worth there are a lot of really awesome Android phones on the market right now. You really have to pick what is best for you (and this is coming from a hardcore iPhone guy).»
Matt Torbin

«The camera on the iPhone 4S is all new, with an 8-megapixel sensor that offers 60 percent more pixels. More pixels mean higher quality. iPhone 4S includes a new custom lens with a larger f/2.4 aperture and an advanced hybrid infrared filter that works to produce sharper, brighter and more accurate images. With the iPhone 4S, Apple said, the camera app launches much faster and the shot-to-shot capability is twice as fast.
Meanwhile, new features in the camera and photos apps give users instant access to the camera right from the lock screen, and users can also use the volume-up button to quickly snap a photo. Optional grid lines help line up the shot and a simple tap locks focus and exposure on one subject. The new Photos app lets users crop, rotate, enhance and remove red-eye, and organize photos into albums.
“The faster processor is going to give way to a lot of new applications that just won’t run well on the older devices. The new imaging and the new voice assistance all make it kind of worthwhile,” Gartenberg said. “What’s nice is that Apple is keeping the old models in the line all the way back to the 3GS. It means that we are going to see new customers coming in at these new price points. So I’d say it’s a pretty successful day for Apple.”»
Samar Patel

What do you think? Will you upgrade your iPhone?


Lina Deveikyte

Marketing Manager

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4 thoughts on “Is iPhone 4S worth your upgrade credit?”

  1. The highly expected iPhone 4S will be hitting the stores soon and according to the latest reports Apple received up to 1 million pre-orders in first week which makes it the most selling iPhone yet. However, what is this hype all about. I understand that it has better processor, however 50% of iPhone users do not necessarily understand the meaning of the whole responsiveness speed anyway. Those, who have decided to spend money on iPhone 4 cannot be dazzled just by its speed itself.

    Therefore, Apple is adding extra gravy on this main course but can it be really considered extras? Frankly, nobody buys a phone to have a good camera but the fact that Apple just added 8MP camera is pathetic. Considering that Sony Ericsson had 10MP on their phones two years ago. So, we can hardly say that this is an premium feature.

    What actually makes this phone attractive to users is the new Siri voice control that comes exclusively with the new iPhone. Yes you can certainly command your phone by voice however, you have to add the commands first so for those who though that the phone can do whatever you want, please wake up. As I mentioned before this is just too much hype about nothing. And apparently, it didnt take all that much time for clever IT guys to figure out how to use it on iPhone 4S

    well watch it yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=N-OnZCywaII

    The only thing I have to give Apple credit for is for doing an amazing job on the sales part. As pathetic as this new iPhone is, selling more iPhones than before is quite of an achievement. Apple accepted on board a new service carrier,Sprint, so strategically this might have been the best decision.

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