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People Say: Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which device would you buy?

Past Monday introduction of another low-priced rival to the iPad won’t keep anyone at Apple’s California HQ up nights, analysts said. They state neither the Kindle Fire nor the Nook Tablet menace Apple’s dominance of the tablet market. Let’s see what LI members think on this point.

“If you are looking for the best e-reader and not the best tablet – stay away from the iPad – you can’t read it in the sun.”
Michael Greenberg
Corporate Recruiter at Clearwire

“If you want something just to use as an e-book reader, I’d go with the Kindle (not the Kindle Fire). It is, by far, the best of the three for reading. But that’s pretty much all you will be doing with it. On the plus, my Kindle has been in my coat pocket for a month without a recharge. Just turned it on and the battery is sitting at a quarter.”
Greg Henle
PHP Developer at Quotient

“Kindle designed to read the books. People who designed Kindle (at least Kindle Keyboard version) knew few things about books and kept in mind that this device will be used for reading. E Ink screen (no glare), large buttons to scroll pages on each side and month of battery juice makes it simply best piece of hardware for book reading. On top of this, 3G version offers free 3g wireless access to Amazon store at any time. And all this at $139.00.
IPad looks cool, it’s trendy but designed for people who don’t like or simply can’t read, especially something boring like a book. Perfect device to play Angry Birds though. And it cost $500.
And Nook. Well, nobody cares. Honestly, Barnes & Noble should stick to what they do the best – losing in everything to Amazon.
Bottom line: Buy Kindle Keyboard 3G if you need best book reader. For everything else – iPad or any other tablet will do the trick.”
Andrei Vesselovski
Directing e-commerce development and e-branding strategic planning

“I have the Kindle and also an iPad.
I believe that the Kindle is great for reading actual books published with a Kindle version but what it doesn’t do is have a large collection of magazines, newpapers, and RSS feeds that I personally like to follow.
When it comes to reading e-books, I’d recommend the Kindle for great visibility, durability, and it doesn’t strain your eyes. However, I’m quite the night owl myself so I’m disappointed that my Kindle does not have a back light (can’t read in dim lights and I don’t like those little light bulb clips).
The iPad is good for other things (especially with the Flipboard app) like magazines and news, but it does strain on your eyes after a while and is rather heavy without a stand. It does have a back light though and I love reading it at night. Also note that the iPad also has a Kindle app.”
Julie Mok
Experienced Game Flash Artist in Production, Assets, and UI | Game Marketing and Product Management Enthusiast

“Kindle Fire hands down. First of all the main reasons to buy a tablet in the first place are eBook capability, web browsing, multimedia and applications. Kindle Fire supports of all of those at a lesser price than the iPad. Additionally the price makes its accessible to nearly anyone. Add to that the free cloud drive account which means there is no need to have multiple versions with different hard drive sizes.
It’s more portable, the screen is very durable, and because of the size and cost less cumbersome as mobile device. Wi-Fi only is also not an issue because of all the Smartphones with Wi-Fi, why pay for another feature and another data plan?
Also it simplifies the nature of online shopping natively through the Amazon store, which offers music and video much like iTunes, but unlike them you can in the same place purchase other more common retail products also.
The Kindle Fire is the more practical tablet for everyday people and business folks in my opinion, based on capabilities, pricing, accessibility, and how seamlessly it integrates into your regular activities.”
Roberto Blake
Inbound Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design

And what device do you prefer? Please share your thoughts in comments bellow.


Lina Deveikyte

Marketing Manager


4 thoughts on “People Say: Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which device would you buy?”

  1. I laugh at how the Nook is so easily disregarded. When I was looking for an e-reader, I chose the Nook black and white for a multitude of reasons, but the greatest being the plethora of file formats it supports. Switching to the Nook Color was the best decision I made–again, multiple file format support and a pretty decent Android tablet to boot. If you want to check-out books from an e-library (which uses the e-pub format) the Kindle doesn’t offer support for it. That’s huge to me because that is the difference between borrowing and buying a ton of material. If you don’t mind paying for pretty much everything you want to put on your reader along with having limited access to all the titles that are available, by all means the Kindle is your tool. But if you are interested in having access to pretty much all the electronic titles available–including free and lender material–than the Nook is the only way to go. Here is a more detailed review:

  2. Kindle for an e-reader
    iPad for a Tablet
    but if budget is tight I’d say go for the Blackberry Playbook – at $199 it is very good hardware (far better than the Kindle Fire)…

  3. Having just received a Kindle fire for Christmas I have to say it’s pretty amazing, quick – highly functional, so far good customer support. The only drawback I’ve noticed in my few days test driving the device is data transfer to the kindle itself. Data transfer for any file that is not in MOBI, AZM or PDF format must be mailed to your respective kindle address from your main PC with “convert” in the subject line…. The file shows up later on your device in your doc folder, but cannot be transfered directly by the user from one device to the kindle via a USB cable….Kinda a pain, but it’s otherwise a pretty robust device considering it’s infancy stage.

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