Creating Applications Using SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-oriented platform for collaboration and document management. The solution can be used to create various web-sites with shared documents or dedicated applications (i.e. Wiki, blogs, and forums). SharePoint functionality is presented to the User through editable control elements that display data. Such web parts are placed on pages which in their… Continue reading Creating Applications Using SharePoint

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Freemium model: carrot on a stick?

The current topical issue in mobile gaming industry is the freemium business model. If you’re not familiar with the term “freemium”, it essentially means the app is given away for free, but with some content available to buy within the game. In terms of Android and iOS users, the ‘freemium’ model seems to be the… Continue reading Freemium model: carrot on a stick?


Do You Use SharePoint Effectively?

I’ve found that people have a general idea of what SharePoint is, but many have no idea how to apply it to their own business. I’d like to share with you the top ways that SharePoint can solve common business needs. And I want to emphasize that these are only a few of the many… Continue reading Do You Use SharePoint Effectively?

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Some problems with IT outsourcing

The economy has hit everyone hard. Many companies have had to pare back departments, employees, budgets… on nearly every level. And many companies have done something no one thought they would ever do — jettison their IT departments in favor of outsourcing. On paper, it seems to make perfect sense. You have a company willing… Continue reading Some problems with IT outsourcing