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Why is Yii framework getting more and more popular?

A lot of experienced PHP programmers see frameworks as tools for “weak” programmers that don’t understand how to write good, clean code. Whether this is true or not is up for debate, but the fact of the matter is that PHP frameworks are a tool that can be used to save time and tighten up… Continue reading Why is Yii framework getting more and more popular?


Plain PHP or Frameworks?

I’ve been wondering, why lots of PHP-programmers invent their own wheels (CMS, CMF, ORM etc.?), when there are a number of ready practices, ready PHP classes. Almost all typical tasks, that you can face to in web-development, have been already realized in the frameworks. Let’s draw a simplified parallel. Just imagine that you need to… Continue reading Plain PHP or Frameworks?


Noop – a new Google’s baby?

Google is pregnant again? Perhaps you have heard this statement. Also you could hear that the “baby” has been created to substitute Java… and number of similar statements… But What is NOOP?! Some people are reporting it to be Google new language, which is not quite technically correct. Noop is being developed by a group… Continue reading Noop – a new Google’s baby?

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What types of applications can we develop using .Net?

When you hear .NET, the first idea that comes to your mind will probably be internet or networked applications. Although this is absolutely true, there are many more types of applications to create with .NET. So here is a more or less full list of various types of application that we can develop on .NET.… Continue reading What types of applications can we develop using .Net?

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Trend that will fuel e-commerce

It seems online marketplaces are cropping up everywhere. The most successful examples are of course Amazon’s Marketplace, eBay, Apple’s App Store, and Valve’s Steamworks. In 2011 E-commerce displayed resilient growth and is supposed to grow steadily in 2012 One of the leading technology-focused research and consulting firm, Forrester, recently provided a report on European e-commerce… Continue reading Trend that will fuel e-commerce