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Business Intelligence Trends

There is no doubt that 2012 will be another big year for BI and information management. In the article we`ve tried to gather what we suppose are the top BI trends for near future Big Data → Need for Speed The rise in volume (amount of data), velocity (speed of data) and variety (range of… Continue reading Business Intelligence Trends

Data mining

Data mining and data warehousing are related or rivals?

There is misconception about data mining and data warehousing. Both of them are related to business intelligence tools that are used for turning data into effective knowledge. Many IT professionals use them as synonyms with some differences between the tools. Although the goals of both are related, data mining and data warehousing use different methods… Continue reading Data mining and data warehousing are related or rivals?


Yeah, until it rains…Or is my data safe in the cloud? ;)

When you say “cloud” somebody’s imagination draws a sky with dozens of funny-shaped airy clouds, IT folks’ mind will recall companies’ names like Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Amazon. Indeed, cloud computing has contributed to the business world tremendously, still there is much skepticism around such kind of services, reliability and security of remote clouds. Naturally when… Continue reading Yeah, until it rains…Or is my data safe in the cloud? 😉


Why Eclipse is better or worse…

A sacred controversy It is considered that there are "eternal" questions to which there is no right answers. For example, what is better: Windows or Linux, Java or C #; Alien vs. Predator or Chuck Norris or Van Damm. One of these holivars is the selection best IDE for Java. There are constant debates which… Continue reading Why Eclipse is better or worse…


Drupal? Joomla? What to choose?

Content Management Systems, or simply said Drupal, Joomla, WordPress engines are one of the most widespread CMS among webmasters. If we take CMS Drupal and Joomla separately, both these engines have their ardent proponents, who state their engine is better. Nevertheless, this dispute can never end, until a definite web-project development objective is put and… Continue reading Drupal? Joomla? What to choose?