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Cloud Enlightenment with a chance of .Net

Developers are in a unique position to educate and to capitalize on cloud opportunities. Unlike learning new programming techniques or Frameworks, cloud learning moves beyond development. There are infrastructure aspects to consider as well as potential organizational process and policy changes. However, developers know the application and cloud administration is a much lower bar, than,… Continue reading Cloud Enlightenment with a chance of .Net


Scala from the world Java

Scala is a statically typed and multi-paradigm programming language that runs on Java virtual machine and provides Java like syntax with a few improvements. Being a multi-paradigm programming language, Scala allows for mixing multiple programming styles such as object oriented, imperative and functional programming. Whether it's good or not, it is not a question that… Continue reading Scala from the world Java

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Incredible PHP framework: Symfony

It goes without saying that today’s market offers a wide array of web PHP frameworks that help programmers to develop applications and systems in a fast and easy way, thus considerably “relieving” their life. Among them are such great frameworks as Yii, Codeigniter, Zend, Cake PHP and Symfony. This article is about PHP framework known… Continue reading Incredible PHP framework: Symfony

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Open-source .Net CMSs overview: DotNetNuke, Kentico, Umbraco, N2, Orchard, Sitefinity

ASP.NET seems to have more and more quality options regarding extensible content management systems with each passing year. Depending on your needs, there are excellent options available both with commercial licenses or open source code. In our blog, we have already tried to gather information about PHP and Java web frameworks, and in this article… Continue reading Open-source .Net CMSs overview: DotNetNuke, Kentico, Umbraco, N2, Orchard, Sitefinity

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Android in 2013: What to expect

The Android ecosystem has become a dominant force in 2012. Here's how I see it growing in the coming year. Brace yourselves: 2013 is upon us, and that means a whole new generation of Android devices, rumors, and expectations. Android will have a strong showing at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), and the next few months… Continue reading Android in 2013: What to expect