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How to choose a great co-founder for your startup

The most important aspect of launching a startup is the team behind the idea. Here are best practices and helpful tips for identifying your ideal co-founder. Entrepreneurship is a journey, and is often shared with other people. Choosing who you surround yourself with as an entrepreneur is critical, but choosing who you will found your… Continue reading How to choose a great co-founder for your startup

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IT project management terms you should know

Every discipline has its own vocabulary, and project management is no exception. Part of the process of successfully deploying project management in your organization is to standardize the terminology. That way, when one person talks about risks, scope, issues, requirements, and other project management concerns, everyone else knows what he or she is referring to.… Continue reading IT project management terms you should know

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Tendencies of Swedish IT market

Despite the fact that Sweden has not always been a welfare state, now it is quite a stable and prosperous country with a good standard of living, a country, which is constantly developing. Let’s see how this development influences IT market, for example.  Sweden is making large annual investments in education and research and it… Continue reading Tendencies of Swedish IT market