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Boom in mobile health apps and healthcare IT outsourcing

The use of health apps has skyrocketed in 2014. Flurry, a mobile analytics company, has followed over 6,800 health and fitness-related apps, and sees a growth of 62% based on measurements of the number of times the app is opened and used. Overall growth rate apps otherwise is 33%. By 2017 the app market is… Continue reading Boom in mobile health apps and healthcare IT outsourcing

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New contender in browser wars: Vivaldi

Nowadays there are a lot of browsers that users can choose starting with the old standby Internet Explorer and ending with the newer Chrome and Firefox browsers. If none of those browsers is really your cup of tea, you could try a new one. The “novice” is called Vivaldi and it comes from a team… Continue reading New contender in browser wars: Vivaldi

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MacroDroid makes Android automation easy

If you're looking for Android automation that isn't as challenging as Tasker, find bellow the ideal solution 🙂 Tasker is the de facto standard for Android automation. The only caveat with Tasker is its rather steep learning curve. For anyone wishing to add automation to their Android device, Tasker is the app to use --… Continue reading MacroDroid makes Android automation easy