3 thoughts on “Social networks and social media APIs from business point of view: following Facebook, Twitter, LI, Pinterest, Google+”

  1. Hi,

    As a web company we all know that social media networking is important to business, communications and lifestyle today.

    However I just wanted to ascertain where you got your facts about the amount odf monthly visitors to these social networks. You state that Facebook has 900,000,000 visitors a month – 9 Billion?? per month??

    I just googled and the World population amounts to 7.125 Billion.
    so according to your facts that everybody on the globe + a couple more billion access facebook every month.

    So do you mean american bilion or english billion?
    I am wondering where those extra few billion members came from?
    Or are we perhaps being over-generous with the zeros

    More like 9,000,000 per month. Or 9 million.



    1. Andi,

      900,000,000 is 9 hundred million not 9 billion. 9 billion would be 9,000,000,000. In the article they state that Facebook has a billion visitors a month so I guess they rounded up in the article.

  2. I think the idea of registering in your new member sites with the credentials you use in Facebook, LinkedIn, etc , in order to gain Single Sign On benefits, is insecure and the wrong way to gain those benefits. Better is to register your Facebook account and all accounts and indeed all urls into your Netsso.com and then, after logging into Netsso (-your one and only need-to-remember credentials-), you can simply click to get to the other places from any PC. This also means that you can use highly random, impossible to remember (or hack) passwords for all your other accounts and you don’t have to ever remember or use them.. Netsso does that for you.

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