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About Altabel Group

Altabel is a software development and consulting company headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Our ultimate goal is to help both established and start-up companies to optimize software engineering cost and foster business development and innovations smoothly.

At Altabel we focus on establishing and servicing dedicated teams thus making it possible for a customer to get access to our pool of talented software professionals and set up a dedicated team of experienced experts integrated seamlessly with the clients’ workflow to deliver high-quality software within deadlines and cost-effectively. Our business model enables clients with the flexibility of resource ramp up and ramp down based on their specific requirements.

Altabel Group is uniting several companies and partners in a group, including extended pool of qualified developers, which is helping us to cover a wide set of skills and technologies, from Java and .NET system development to Mobile, Web and Game development.

Our services are successfully used by industry leaders as well as IT start-up companies.

Please, contact us at today and let us be your reliable software development partner. See more about us at

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