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WordPress: Pros, Cons and What is coming?

Building a website wasn’t so easy earlier as it is now. Fortunately the time has passed when you had to hand-code HTML and PHP scripts in order to get an easy and fully functional website. Now content management systems (CMSs) do most or all of the heavy lifting for site creators. There are a number… Continue reading WordPress: Pros, Cons and What is coming?

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The Whole Truth About Umbraco

The other day my colleague was providing an Open-source .Net CMSs overview . In this article I’d like to discuss one of the most popular and long-playing of them-Umbraco CMS. Overview Umbraco is a non-specialized content management system platform for creating web-solutions of scenarios ranging from simple to incredibly complex. Niels Hartvig, a Danish programmer,… Continue reading The Whole Truth About Umbraco

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Open-source .Net CMSs overview: DotNetNuke, Kentico, Umbraco, N2, Orchard, Sitefinity

ASP.NET seems to have more and more quality options regarding extensible content management systems with each passing year. Depending on your needs, there are excellent options available both with commercial licenses or open source code. In our blog, we have already tried to gather information about PHP and Java web frameworks, and in this article… Continue reading Open-source .Net CMSs overview: DotNetNuke, Kentico, Umbraco, N2, Orchard, Sitefinity


Drupal? Joomla? What to choose?

Content Management Systems, or simply said Drupal, Joomla, WordPress engines are one of the most widespread CMS among webmasters. If we take CMS Drupal and Joomla separately, both these engines have their ardent proponents, who state their engine is better. Nevertheless, this dispute can never end, until a definite web-project development objective is put and… Continue reading Drupal? Joomla? What to choose?