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I guess you have already read/heard a lot about CRM and BI, so in this article you will not find description what BI and CRM is. Also you will not find such dispute as “CRM vs BI” or “Why BI is not CRM” etc. What, then, is to discuss? 🙂

Let’s imagine BI and CRM in its tandem.

The discipline of business intelligence includes a broad range of functional activities from data mining and statistical analysis to predictive modeling and reporting. So, BI-applications are often positioned as an indispensable tool for decision making at the tactical and strategic levels. As a rule in this case to work with information efficiently we will need enterprise data warehouse, building of which could “seed” at least half of the total budget for BI, in addition analytical models are rather expensive. Under these circumstances, the need of significant investment is one of the most essential and restrictive factors of dissemination of Business Intelligence systems. At the same time, experience shows that the usage of BI-applications can be fully justified at the operational level, where decisions must be taken exactly in real time. In this approach, building corporate Data Warehouse is not critical, and the using of pre-configured models is not necessary, because BI allows to implement arbitrary “point” data depending on the situation. If you don’t mind I would like to illustrate it with a concrete example.

Let’s consider a small example. For CRM-system we will take Oracle Siebel CRM, as for BI-application it will be Oracle BI. To implement CRM for realizing sms-mailing was proposed to use a single sms-gateway. Let’s assume that the frequency of such mailing is quite high, and volume is measured in ten of thousand of sms. Taking into account that the sms-gateway is just a tool of message transfering, you need to monitor constantly the process of mailing considering the timeline plan, “black lists”, the spam load per user, etc. In this case, in spite of the high performance of Oracle Siebel CRM,it is unreasonable to exchange data between the CRM-system and sms-gateway in online, but it`s reasonable to use additional transit system, which would redistribute the load. When you run a marketing campaign such a system would import data from Oracle Siebel CRM and after the campaign would pass results to the CRM-system . But, at the same time, in case any error arise or a failure campaign reaction time for the problem is reduced, you will know this only after the campaign ends and it may adversely affect the relationship with the client. You could solve this problem either using an expensive integration or through the using of BI-application. For example, Oracle BI enables to control the process of distribution and evaluate the results based on the data from the three systems online. Thus, in case of a large number of notifications incoming to the sms-gateway, that a message is not delivered to the recipient, it would be possible to stop the campaign quickly and make changes promptly, rather than waiting for its completion. Furthermore, using BI in this situation allows to correct the results during the campaign.

So the best effect in the marketing process could be obtained from using BI-applications at the operating level. Also effective BI-applications could be demonstrated in other CRM-processes. In sales BI-applications are indispensable in launching new products to market. In the service – when analyzing satisfaction, assessing value of each customer, etc.

In addition, I would like to notice that such tools as Oracle BI enable to cover the problem of business intelligence at the tactical and strategic levels of management effectively. In this case, using of a single tool would provide high-quality synchronization of business goals, set before BI. The previous experience guarantees more effective using of the already proven BI-application.

Thank you so much for your attention and hope this article is of interest to you.

Kind regards,
Elvira Golyak – Business Development Manager (LI page) | Skype ID: elviragolyak
Altabel Group – Professional Software Development

There was a question that I came across several times on the Internet.

“What is Salesforce CRM? How will I benefit using it?

What’s so amazing is that not so many people have heard of Salesforce or do not know exactly what they do. However this multibillion dollar company “gave birth to” Salesforce CRM which is considered to be one of the best CRM available which understands the core meaning of CR (Customer Relationship) and M (Management).

The company was founded in 1999 by a former Oracle executive and has grown to now supporting more than 1 million subscribers. Now salesforce CRM is becoming more and more popular and it`s is gaining customers faster than its competitors and is currently the CRM leader, but it is expected to face stiff competition from Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.
The product they have made is phenomenal and is worth talking about. It is not a software (as they call it) application but an easy to use interface where people of an organization can log in via internet and maintain information and data. It is the best CRM vendor in the market as it is on demand (on cloud) which is easy to use, not much of IT knowledge required, inexpensive, and pay as you use.

There are a few reasons why you should know this company and their product:

1. Salesforce Practically Invented SaaS and Cloud Computing
SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Many of us think that Amazon made cloud computing extremely attractive through their EC2 environments and S3 storage, but Salesforce was there the whole time. In fact at the beginning of this century Amazon and Salesforce were the only two companies to really come out as huge giants that revolutionize everything we do. Google and Facebook weren’t around yet .

2. Salesforce is a Major Player in The CRM Market
Researchers predict that Salesforce will own almost one quarter of global market share by the end of the year. Yes, that means that they will own a quarter of this market with such stiff competition as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. This is also incredible considering in 2006 they only owned 7%.

3. The Power of the Ecosystem
Salesforce has built an amazing ecosystem around their product. This is because they have built an AppExchange marketplace, similar to Apple’s app marketplace, to make it extremely easy for third parties to build onto their platform. We have seen how valuable an ecosystem has been for iPhones/iPads, Android phones/tablets and Facebook. It is no less valuable for Salesforce.

What is more, external developers can strengthen the product. You can never hire enough engineers to build every feature that your customers want, so open up your platform to let people build upon it and share (or sell) their customized applications.

Salesforce CRM offers numerous advantages to its users. Here is the short list of them:
Low Risk
Salesforce is low in cost, and, therefore, it is a low-risk management and organizational tool. Not only are the services on-demand–meaning customers only pay for what they want–but also there is no need for any hardware or software installation, because everything runs on cloud servers.
Improve Organization
Maintaining a Salesforce database helps your company digitize and organize its sales records. This act alone leads to many other benefits. For example, tracking current records accurately helps your company to up-sell to existing customers, cross-sell to other clients more effectively and, even, find new clients.
Better Customer Service
Salesforce allows for the customization of profiles for individual customers. This means that every client has its own record, as opposed to grouping clients together. Having quick, organized access to individual customer records naturally translates to better knowledge about an individual client’s needs and a greater ability to provide solutions for those needs.

Salesforce CRM is a perspective business tool that can help you to succeed in your business. However you should always be aware that CRM software of any sort is not a magic cure for poor customer relations or inadequate sales follow-up. CRM software must be supported by an overall corporate strategy to improve customer communications and relationships.

What do you know about Salesforce CRM and how did it help you in the business?

Kind regards,
Anna Kozik – Business Development Manager (LI page)
Altabel Group – Professional Software Development

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