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HoloLens and how it could transform the future

What is HoloLens? “Microsoft isn’t aiming to place people in Virtual World/Reality. Microsoft aims to take you beyond pixels, screens and virtual world.” Alex Kipman, Hololens Leader Microsoft HoloLens is certainly more than a normal, simple headset display. It uses 3D holograms seamlessly blended with the real world. How does these holograms appear? The HoloLens… Continue reading HoloLens and how it could transform the future

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Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2017

Machine learning A breakthrough in the technology of artificial intelligence and its active use in practice is the trend of the last two-three years. If earlier the creation of a high-quality machine translation system required a decade, now startups can offer consumers quite a competitive product in this area within one year. Machine learning is… Continue reading Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2017

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Movies vs. games: who wins?

The history of filmmaking can be traced back to as early as the 17th century, where magic lanterns were used. Back then, films were all made in shades of black and white only. Also, many of the times, special effects are done manually by workers. As time progressed, technology improved the quality of films largely,… Continue reading Movies vs. games: who wins?

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5 Reasons Pokemon Go Is So Popular

We’ve all seen the explosion of Pokemon Go: the app hit number 1 in app stores pretty much immediately. Not only is it breaking records in terms of numbers of users, it’s boosted Nintendo’s market value and actually changed the behavior of thousands of users, who are frequently seen doing fairly ridiculous things. The media… Continue reading 5 Reasons Pokemon Go Is So Popular

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Augmented reality: Where, what and how?

Do you remember the first Pong arcades with unsophisticated graphics launched nearly 30 years ago? Since then video games have become an instant hit among youngsters. However the technology is improving at a rapid space and computer graphics are pushing the limits of photorealism. Today scientists and engineers are integrating the graphics from your television… Continue reading Augmented reality: Where, what and how?