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Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Although Virtual Reality has long been associated with gaming sector, there are many other fields the technology is being used for. One of the fields making big strides in harnessing the power of VR is healthcare. VR has a great potential to address many areas that current healthcare practices can’t. Psychiatry, Psychology, Rehabilitation, Surgery could… Continue reading Virtual Reality in Healthcare

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E-health trends 2019

Telemedicine Telemedicine (telehealth) is a commonly used term that generally refers to video consultations between doctors and their patients. Doctors can view scans, assess diagnostic reports, monitor symptoms and physical progression of a medical condition on a remote basis. It means that the patient can get medical help without actually visiting a doctor, which sometimes… Continue reading E-health trends 2019

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

21st century conquered the whole world with new discoveries and the creation of innovative software. The world does not stand still, and information technologies are also progressing making impact on many industries. Healthcare is not an example. Particularly in the case of automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and industries with… Continue reading Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

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eHealth trends 2018

Digital is changing the world, and the healthcare industry is not an exception. Today we can receive a doctor’s consultation without leaving home, buy new medicines directly from our gadgets, get real-time text alerts that our blood pressure is too high, etc. The ehealth industry is developing, growing and revolutionizing. The revolution we see now… Continue reading eHealth trends 2018

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Blockchain: what, why, where and how? Reliable facts and remarkable predictions

Blockchain nowadays is a trend we cannot stop hearing about. For several years already, its popularity grows up by second. Here we are to do small inside for the blockchain technology provides you with the most comprehensive exploration possible of blockchain’s applicability across the business and government landscape to know what is that, why it’s… Continue reading Blockchain: what, why, where and how? Reliable facts and remarkable predictions