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Top 5 future technology trends 2020

Nowadays technology is developing faster than ever. Businesses and people that don’t keep pace with some of the main tech trends take the risk of being left behind. Understanding the key trends will allow individuals and companies to prepare and catch the opportunities. 5G Network One of the most puzzling future trends that organizations should… Continue reading Top 5 future technology trends 2020

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What are Intelligent Apps?

With the advent of the Machine learning and AI, the apps received a new transformation in terms of intelligence. Next generation apps have brought intelligence to software, enabling users to interact with everyday devices in new ways. Nowadays apps could take the input from the user and make changes in the app by learning from… Continue reading What are Intelligent Apps?

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Smart home devices: What’s new?

The future is automated. Without any doubts smart devices make our lives much easier. Everything becomes possible with a push of a button, a click of a mouse or your voice activating your personal home assistant. Today’s market of smart homes can be divided into 3 main segments, which are correlated with each other. First… Continue reading Smart home devices: What’s new?

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Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Although Virtual Reality has long been associated with gaming sector, there are many other fields the technology is being used for. One of the fields making big strides in harnessing the power of VR is healthcare. VR has a great potential to address many areas that current healthcare practices can’t. Psychiatry, Psychology, Rehabilitation, Surgery could… Continue reading Virtual Reality in Healthcare

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Facial Recognition APIs and SDKs

Face recognition is a complex deep learning problem and in the last years we have made great technological progress to make it mainstream (check where FRT is being used here). Still due to the complexity of the technology, most of these new services that use facial ID do not build the technology themselves but rather… Continue reading Facial Recognition APIs and SDKs