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Top 5 future technology trends 2020

Nowadays technology is developing faster than ever. Businesses and people that don’t keep pace with some of the main tech trends take the risk of being left behind. Understanding the key trends will allow individuals and companies to prepare and catch the opportunities. 5G Network One of the most puzzling future trends that organizations should… Continue reading Top 5 future technology trends 2020

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Smart Cities: the contribution of AI and IoT to the cities of the future

The future is exciting. Especially if we live in the technological future of a smart city. Still, the main questions remain: what is, actually, a smart city? What will such a city look like in 2020 and beyond? The United Nations (UN) estimates that the global population will reach 9.8 billion people in 2050. 70%… Continue reading Smart Cities: the contribution of AI and IoT to the cities of the future

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Smart home devices: What’s new?

The future is automated. Without any doubts smart devices make our lives much easier. Everything becomes possible with a push of a button, a click of a mouse or your voice activating your personal home assistant. Today’s market of smart homes can be divided into 3 main segments, which are correlated with each other. First… Continue reading Smart home devices: What’s new?

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E-health trends 2019

Telemedicine Telemedicine (telehealth) is a commonly used term that generally refers to video consultations between doctors and their patients. Doctors can view scans, assess diagnostic reports, monitor symptoms and physical progression of a medical condition on a remote basis. It means that the patient can get medical help without actually visiting a doctor, which sometimes… Continue reading E-health trends 2019

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Everyone’s been raving about the Cloud, especially in the software development industry. From facilitating quick initializations to the alleviation of bulky hardware, Cloud-based technologies have slowly been gaining momentum, and for good reason. On a global scale, almost 50% of expenditure made by IT departments has been done to acquire or upgrade state-of-the-art Cloud services.… Continue reading THE BIGGEST CLOUD COMPUTING TRENDS FOR 2019