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FinTech Startups. Who is the next Klarna in the Nordic Sky?

We cannot avoid the fact that the world is in the grip of a FinTech revolution. The exponential change of the technological environment that we are experiencing makes financial sector changes more complicated and diverse than ever. How did all this happen? What exactly presents FinTech advantages over the traditional financial sector? As we may… Continue reading FinTech Startups. Who is the next Klarna in the Nordic Sky?

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eHealth trends 2018

Digital is changing the world, and the healthcare industry is not an exception. Today we can receive a doctor’s consultation without leaving home, buy new medicines directly from our gadgets, get real-time text alerts that our blood pressure is too high, etc. The ehealth industry is developing, growing and revolutionizing. The revolution we see now… Continue reading eHealth trends 2018

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Will Kotlin replace Java?

Kotlin - a programming language, developed by JetBrains, the company from St. Petersburg, was announced an official development language for Android at the Google conference. And according to latest reports, a mobile development platform, Kotlin is expected to surpass Java as the primary programming language used for Android apps by December 2018. So why Kotlin… Continue reading Will Kotlin replace Java?

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Blockchain vs Tangle – Which One is the Future?

The year of 2017 was memorable for the crypto craze. Nothing has changed from that times and still, there is a lot of excitement about cryptocurrencies today. Optimists believe that Bitcoin will fundamentally alter payments, economics and even politics around the world. The most optimistic supporters even started mortgaging their houses in order to buy… Continue reading Blockchain vs Tangle – Which One is the Future?

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Artificial Intelligence gains tremendous investment

Artificial intelligence is transforming multiple industries, as we know them: financial sector and business development, healthcare and real estate. Many businesses already started applying AI, and many-many more are expected to follow this trend in the nearest future. Artificial intelligence helps companies solve multiple problems, it brings financial benefits and improves efficiency. Let’s see what… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence gains tremendous investment