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eHealth trends 2018

Digital is changing the world, and the healthcare industry is not an exception. Today we can receive a doctor’s consultation without leaving home, buy new medicines directly from our gadgets, get real-time text alerts that our blood pressure is too high, etc. The ehealth industry is developing, growing and revolutionizing. The revolution we see now… Continue reading eHealth trends 2018

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Augmented Reality: Don’t miss a chance to dive

How do you think, how big is the potential of AR/VR area? Demand for VR specialists has tripled in a year. Investments of media giants such as Verizon, The New York Times, Hearst Corporation, etc. in AR/VR start-ups in the year 2016 have shot up by 137%. All major players such as Google, Microsoft, Apple… Continue reading Augmented Reality: Don’t miss a chance to dive

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HoloLens and how it could transform the future

What is HoloLens? “Microsoft isn’t aiming to place people in Virtual World/Reality. Microsoft aims to take you beyond pixels, screens and virtual world.” Alex Kipman, Hololens Leader Microsoft HoloLens is certainly more than a normal, simple headset display. It uses 3D holograms seamlessly blended with the real world. How does these holograms appear? The HoloLens… Continue reading HoloLens and how it could transform the future


Trends in mobile development for the year 2017

Mobile technology and apps development are trendsetters of the whole generation of business-related innovations. Tools techniques are changing rapidly. Still, there are vivid trends in mobile development. Let’s see what the year 2017 has prepared. Small business now in a race Having a web presence has shifted to mobile activity for small businesses. Now it… Continue reading Trends in mobile development for the year 2017

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Augmented Reality. Hot or Not?

Augmented reality – AR, is a world-known term nowadays. Nonetheless it is not that new as we are used to think. We've been seeing versions of AR for quite some time already. The concept is pretty simple: take a real-life scene, or a video of a scene, and add some kind of explanatory data to… Continue reading Augmented Reality. Hot or Not?