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Popular debate Kotlin Vs. Java : Pros and Cons of both

It`s no secret that Java has been number one language for Android development for years and has demonstrated its reliability during that time. However, there is one particular statically typed programming language that is already a success and could question the position of Java as main language for Android in the nearest future. And the… Continue reading Popular debate Kotlin Vs. Java : Pros and Cons of both

Big Data

Top languages for Big data in 2019

Big data is king and there is no denying that it works wonders for practically any sphere of business. However, choosing the right tools to dig into the information and produce comprehensive results can be overwhelming. The choice of a certain programming language to manipulate and access the data poses a particular challenge. Numerous options… Continue reading Top languages for Big data in 2019

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Will Kotlin replace Java?

Kotlin - a programming language, developed by JetBrains, the company from St. Petersburg, was announced an official development language for Android at the Google conference. And according to latest reports, a mobile development platform, Kotlin is expected to surpass Java as the primary programming language used for Android apps by December 2018. So why Kotlin… Continue reading Will Kotlin replace Java?

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Is Kotlin a new Java for Android?

When creating native apps for Android, you will normally use the Java programming language for your logic. The same way as Objective C for iOS, Java was written long before mobile development took place. Both languages are powerful, fully-functional and effective. But the fact is that they were not optimized for mobile. Why not to… Continue reading Is Kotlin a new Java for Android?

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Popular Languages for IoT

Internet of Things(IoT) is extremely broad phrase, and can mean a great many different things. But it does not change the fact that each day more and more devices all over the world are being connected to the Internet. At that rate, Internet of Things (IoT) development projects are gaining popularity to say the least.… Continue reading Popular Languages for IoT