Big Data

Top languages for Big data in 2019

Big data is king and there is no denying that it works wonders for practically any sphere of business. However, choosing the right tools to dig into the information and produce comprehensive results can be overwhelming. The choice of a certain programming language to manipulate and access the data poses a particular challenge. Numerous options… Continue reading Top languages for Big data in 2019


The Future of .NET Core: what to expect?

Choosing development products tied to specific platforms can be a difficult task. But just imagine that you could develop server applications that allowed running on any platform, Windows, Linux or Mac? We can find the solution. Let’s get started with .Net Core. What is .NET Core? Microsoft’s .NET Core is a cross-platform, unified, fast, lightweight,… Continue reading The Future of .NET Core: what to expect?


Scala from the world Java

Scala is a statically typed and multi-paradigm programming language that runs on Java virtual machine and provides Java like syntax with a few improvements. Being a multi-paradigm programming language, Scala allows for mixing multiple programming styles such as object oriented, imperative and functional programming. Whether it's good or not, it is not a question that… Continue reading Scala from the world Java


The Best Java Web Framework

Java has been around for a while. Soon after its initial inception, Sun started to push the platform towards the web. Now many years later, there are dozens of web frameworks and every now and then the same question pops up: which Java web framework is best. No framework is perfect, they all have their… Continue reading The Best Java Web Framework